Smile Gallery picture for Luker Dental Care

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients’ healthy smiles beaming bright. We hope you enjoy the sights.

The spouse of a local dental specialist, this patient wanted to correct their smile and breaking down front teeth.  Crowns were placed on their four front teeth for a smile the patient now loves.

This patient was congenitally missing her lateral incisors. The key to making them look natural is the ability to make the crown appear to emerge from the gum like natural teeth and matching the shade and texture of her natural teeth exactly. Dr. Luker has worked with the same laboratory technician for over 20 years on all his esthetic and advanced cases with this type of result. 

This Patient presented with a more difficult situation, her teeth were in the wrong place. After correcting her tooth alignment and bite with orthodontics, we were able to place an implant where she was missing a tooth and restore a very natural looking smile.

This patient was embarrassed by her smile most of her adult life. This smile makeover changed everything.

This patient presented with a myriad of issues in order to correct her smile. Essentially her teeth were in the wrong place and that had to be corrected with braces prior to placement of crowns to improve her smile. A wonderful result.